About Architects of Communication Scholarship

Architects of Communication Scholarship presents interviews with academic leaders in communication research and the International Communication Association. These scholars talk about their experiences in communication research, their academic backgrounds, how they entered the field and their particular research specialty. These architects of the current state of communication scholarship provide background to our field. They are interviewed by scholars who have worked with and/or are colleagues of the focal scholar.

About the host

Ellen Wartella

Ellen Wartella researches the effects of media and technology on children and adolescents, and the impact of food marketing in the childhood obesity crisis. She is the Sheik Hamad bin Kalifa Al-thani Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University. She holds courtesy appointments in the Department of Psychology, Department of Human Development and Social Policy and Department of Medical Social Sciences.She is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Psychological Society and the International Communication Association. She is past President of the International Communication Association.

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